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I created an antagonistic OC for my comic and he’s almost entirely based off of Bill O’Reily

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Anonymous asked: Oh yeah I agree that it's terrible to hate Amanda for 'ruining johnlock' *vomit*. I just don't think it's inherently misogynistic to dislike Mary as a character. I personally love her but I can see how the whole betrayal thing might be off putting

[I went into kinda a rant to bear with me]

Anyone can like/dislike any character, I don’t care about that.  What I really hate is the trend that Johnlock fans seem to have with “suddenly” hating any character that comes in between their perfect ship.  Also (and I know I’m going to get some backlash for this) but… the majority of Johnlock shippers are straight girls and that kind of bothers me in that it seems to be more and more apparent that they don’t understand queer relationships.  Don’t get me wrong, I think that Johnlock is a very powerful pairing (in all of it’s adaptions) that successfully portrays the love and trust that these two men have for each other, but there is a limit.

When you begin to disregard female characters for becoming a ‘distraction’ to your ship, then you are doing something wrong.  I have read too many fics where all of the women seem to have mysteriously vanished from existence.  Everyone on the fucking planet is a gay cisman apparently and when that happens, it stops becoming a representation of queer characters.  After that, it’s just fetishizing homosexuality.


*tips fedora at mosquito* m’laria

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In other news, Greninja is going to be in SSB4 which I am PUMPED for

Anonymous asked: Yeah, there was a lot of hate for Irene, although less so than for Mary. Thankfully, it isn't the whole fandom (although it's sad to see so many people hating the female characters just because they're somehow romantically linked to either John or Sherlock).

It makes me so angry, especially since I identify so much with the ladies of the show (scratch Donovan)  And while I know the Sherlolly shippers were ecstatic for that kiss in TEH,  I guarantee that many johnlock shippers suddenly decided that they hated Molly but ‘didn’t know why’.  

I don’t know, it just pisses me off so much to the point where I get anxiety.  And I know it’s stupid to react this way about fictional characters but it’s not just that.  It’s a whole culture idealizing men and demonizing women, and some women are buying into it!  It makes me sick.


thunar answered: I always liked planetary symbols, especially the one for mercury. these right?

yep uvu  They can also represent Greek gods.

Anonymous asked: It's not misogynistic to dislike a character. It's misogynistic to dislike a character because she's a woman. Some people just don't like her because of her actions.

They hate Amanda for a character she plays on TV.  No one blames Lars or Andrew or Benedict for the things their characters does on screen.  Just Amanda.  I wasn’t in fandom when season 2 premiered, but I’m pretty certain that Irene/Lara were given the same treatment when their characters threatened to come in between johnlock.

That is misogynistic.

I accidentally looked at a Mary-hate post and the person said they hated Amanda too but ‘didn’t know why’

I know why

and I’m just shaking with rage and I feel really fucking anxious jesus christ

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My family is thinking of getting a new dog, probably a boxer.  Anyone have any experience with boxers?  We’ve done a lot of research and it honestly seems like the perfect dog for us right now.


I have to laugh.

People constantly portray Hades in new age media as this totes evil bad guy, yet Zeus and Poseidon have fathered more monsters and people than he has and have raped women

while Hades is just there in the underworld with the one girl he kidnapped and agreed to let her free in the summer months with no children of his own, probably rolling his eyes and going ‘Guys, can we have a normal family dinner for once? Please?’


This is a 390 year old sculpture made by Gain Lorenzo Benini.

It is literally titled ‘The Rape of Persephone’ and features exactly that, Hades raping Persephone.

Sorry guys, Hades was just as big of a douche as the other two.  Basically every Greek god was a douche one way or another.

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